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Basket of bread

$ 4.50

Served with herbs

Tomato soup

$ 12.85

Served with basil cream

French onion soup

$ 4.99

Rich in flavour, au gratin with cheese

Union soup

$ 3.50

Unions boiled in boulion

Duo of goat cheese

$ 3.50

With a bell pepper-shallot chutney

Main Course

Chicken satay

$ 14.99

Marinated pieces of peanut chicken

Grilled steak

$ 12.85

Served with a pepper sauce


$ 21.99

Marinated with cocktail sauce

Beef stew

$ 19.50

Stewed in beer

Shank of lamb

$ 19.75

Slowly in cooked in it’s own gravy


Dame Blanche

$ 3.75

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Banana Pie

$ 7.90

With Bastogne biscuits, served with whipped cream

Chocolate mousse

$ 9.99

With hazelnut ice cream

Cheese cake

$ 7,50

With a variety of 5 cheeses

Side dishes

Baked potatoes

$ 2.50

With mayonaise and ketchup

Mummy salad


Green salad with salted nuts

Green suprise

$ 3.90

Brocoli with green paprika

Mushrooms mashup

$ 5.40

With pepper sauce

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À la carte restaurant

Opened 24 hours a day

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795 Las Palmas

Spain, CA 94107

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